LED Flashlight Waterproof Gloves | Practical Durable Fingerless Gloves

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LED Flashlight Waterproof Gloves

Practical Durable Fingerless Gloves

  A Must-Have and Pretty Neat Gadget!

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  • Bringing light to your fingertips, a flash torch never drops making your hands accessible when repairing, and fishing.
  • Comfortable stretched neoprene material, with position adjustable magic strap cool gloves, make you a spy at night.
  • Easy turn on and off. 


LED Flashlight Gloves Provide A Third Helping Hand.

  • The Perfect Solution for Those Dark Moments
  • Sometimes you may be working on something that requires you to use both hands and it’s already dark where you can’t hold a flashlight and still work.
  • It may be riding your bike, doing some tasks in the garage, outdoors, or inside your house.
  • Well, there you should not worry anymore because you can use LED flashlight gloves that you just put on your hands to illuminate for you and work comfortably.



Why led flashlight gloves?

  • Keep your hands free to focus on your work
  • The upgraded LED light is more directed and adequate for your task
  • The batteries are replaceable and the LED fishing gloves can be reused for a long time
  • Stretchable finger-less gloves. One size fits most.
  • Cool gadget gift ideas for men & women

fingerless led flashlight gloves with waterproof lights

For Indoor Outdoor Use

  • The lighted gloves are convenient and handy finger-less gloves with 2 LED lights built on the index and thumb fingers.

Last for a long time

Flashlight gloves last about 16 hours and you can simply replace the button battery with the screwdriver.

  • It is multi-functional and can be used for many activities during the night, such as reading in bed or working on a computer without turning on the lights and disturbing the roommate, repairing car jeep motorcycle in the garage, dog walking, patrol, fishing, hunting, riding and many more.

  • Thus the hand-light gloves are also cool gifts for outdoorsmen, campers, bikers, and hikers who love outdoor activities in the early morning or at dusk including running, hiking, camping, hunting, fishing, cycling, and more.

dad gifts

What will LED flashlight gloves bring to us?

  • Ample light for outdoor activities like fishing, cycling
  • The lights on the fingertips can free the hands when working or repairing
  • Provide a good view while we’re running
  • Offer adequate lights for us to focus on things

fingerless gloves mens gifts


  • Material: Cotton + PP
  • Size: 5.3*14.2 inches (expanded)
  • Light Power Supply: 2 * CR2016 lithium batteries (NOT INCLUDED)
  • Package: 1/2 pcs of LED Gloves



  • Waterproof: But don’t use it in the water.
  • Please allow slight measurement deviations due to manual measurement.
  • Due to the different monitor and light effects, the actual color of the item might be slightly different from the color shown in the pictures.

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